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How Americans are Stretching Their Money South of the Border in Baja California Mexico

Americans struggling with the economy are finding relief south of the border. The overall lower cost of living, affordable beach front housing, lower property taxes as well as proximity and accessibility to US services, have made Baja California a preferred choice for relocation among retirees and families alike.

How Americans are Stretching Their Money South of the Border in Baja California, MexicoROSARITO, BAJA CALIFORNIA. MEXICO – Many Americans with reduced and fixed incomes are looking outside of the US for retirement and economic relief in these tough times, finding it just south of the border. Baja California, Mexico is leading the trend to cater to retirees, by offering services that appeal to the growing number of foreign residents. These services include assisted living, property and personal care among others at significantly lower prices than in the US.

US store names like Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Smart and Final, Applebee’s and Ashley Furniture are some of which are becoming more common in strip malls around the area. State of the art medical facilities equal to those on the US have been and are being constructed in order to provide quality medical care services to the growing number of foreign residents, the only difference being the lower cost. Read the rest of this entry »

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Baja Developers Halt Is this a sign of good things to come?

Calafia Condos: One of the developments that never stopped construction

Calafia Condos: One of the developments that never stopped construction

With the collapse of the money markets on both sides of the border, it had become almost impossible –or so it seamed- for Baja developers to finish their projects.

Finding investors or financing for the final completion of their development seemed impossible. The financial situation in the U.S. did not make matters any better. Potential buyers stopped investing in Mexico because of the economy. Current buyers began to doubt the developers’ ability to complete their development. In the last few days –and weeks- however, we have seen a change.

Could it be the end of the bad times for the region? Here are some clues: Read the rest of this entry »

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Can In-House Financing Help Trigger the Next Baja Real Estate Boom?

Financing in Mexico

Financing in Mexico

With a slow housing market trending the real estate world and economic uncertainty glooming over millions, Baja real estate developers may yet attract buyers with purchasing plans very much within their affordable grasp.

The number of housing and condo developments in the Baja California coast increased significantly in these past years; as a result of the boom in constructions and the current market conditions opportunities are arising for the knowledgeable investor who can expect a significant return on the investment after the market has recovered, or the American retiree considering moving to México .

Baja California has been attracting retirees for decades with its perfect weather, affordable beachfront housing and accessibility to U.S. services; in response to this the medical infrastructure has been updated with state-of-the-art hospitals covered by some US insurance companies; assisted living services have been created which combined with the continually increasing purchasing power of the dollar against the Mexican peso, have given these retirees not only a secure economic future but an upgrade on their lifestyle as well while extending their income by 3 years per each 10 of retirement funds. Read the rest of this entry »

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Rosarito Real Estate – Two Developments with Construction Well Under Way

Rosarito Real Estate

Rosarito Real Estate

Deciding to invest in a foreign real estate market can be a scary decision when the construction projects is finished and even when they are turn key ready, a lot of uncertainty and doubts arise when it comes to purchasing real estate outside of your home country; this uneasiness only increases when there is partial or no actual construction assuring the investor of their purchase.

Costal Baja has long been a preferred choice of retirement, relocation or vacation for Americans who want the lower cost beach front living experience, and the closeness to the US. This brought a growing number of real estate developers to Northern Baja, and construction of resort communities designed for expatriates were being developed all along the coast.

Since the slowdown of the real estate market in the US, several construction projects in Baja slowed down or completely stopped in the past year; as a result of this some of developers refunded the investment partially or completely, others transferred the property to another development, but still a number of investors were left with out money and property.

With all of these less than reassuring stories you are left with uncertainty and doubt. What then, are you to do if have your heart set in purchasing a home in Baja? Read the rest of this entry »

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