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Choosing a Trusted Real Estate Brokerage in Mexico

Living In Mexico

Living In Mexico

When you realize that Mexican Real Estate is your best investment for your retirement with a saving of up to 30-40% on your cost of living, you need to then explore not only what area of Mexico you will live or eventually live.

You will also need to explore which community fits your lifestyle. Who are your neighbors and what amenities fit you or even your family. After all, when you live in Mexico, friends and family don’t just come for dinner they come for the weekend. You become their Mexico vacation.

Other common questions are: how close are the markets? How accessible is health care? What is the status of the Home Owners Association? Is it well funded? Well run? Reasonable CC&R’S, and of course is it a safe investment.

This is when you realize that you need not only a long time established Broker with years of experience in Mexican Real Estate, but you need a Broker with years of living in the area and that is also part of the community. A good Brokerage will keep their agents trained and updated on the market, different communities and new developments, starting pre-sale or already delivering. A good Brokerage will make sure that every buyer or seller their agents takes on, they will be well represented and informed with the good or bad.

Most of all you need an experienced and knowledgeable Broker when choosing your Brokerage. Kathy & Max Katz have more than 19 years living and doing business in Mexico, they have become the most trusted names in Baja real estate as well as their Agents.

Contact a Baja Real Estate Group Agent today and see the difference yourself. A group of agents that exclusively represent Baja’s best real estate developments, who have inventory to sell in some of the best ocean front communities in the area. If you are currently working with an Agent, this is not intended for solicitation, just information. We gladly work with all Brokers and Agents.

Thinking about a long term Baja rental before you buy? Or just to explore what the Baja lifestyle is like on a long term basis? Contact us about our rent to own listings.

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Baja Developers Halt Is this a sign of good things to come?

Calafia Condos: One of the developments that never stopped construction

Calafia Condos: One of the developments that never stopped construction

With the collapse of the money markets on both sides of the border, it had become almost impossible –or so it seamed- for Baja developers to finish their projects.

Finding investors or financing for the final completion of their development seemed impossible. The financial situation in the U.S. did not make matters any better. Potential buyers stopped investing in Mexico because of the economy. Current buyers began to doubt the developers’ ability to complete their development. In the last few days –and weeks- however, we have seen a change.

Could it be the end of the bad times for the region? Here are some clues: Read the rest of this entry »

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